Pennsic 49 postponed

As per the announcement from the Mayor, Pennsic 49 has been postponed to 2021. The Steward’s staff intends to take advantage of the extra time to complete the projects planned. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 concerns there will be no work parties scheduled until further notice.

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Pennsic 48 (2019)

Scheduling and planning for EK Royal for Pennsic 48 (2019) is well underway. If you have an activity, class, meeting, or event that you’d like to host at EK Royal please contact Mistress Elizabeth Lovell at to discuss available times.

The Steward is currently seeking an individual or team for the role of Harbinger-Martial. The Harbinger-Martial is responsible for overseeing set up of the battlefield tent for scheduled functions and ensuring that the group that used the tent cleans up.

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Queen’s Garden plots

To all Baronies, Provinces, Shires, Cantons, Ridings, Strongholds, Households and other subjects of the East Kingdom, greetings from the Pennsic Steward!
You are cordially invited to participate in the decoration of the Queen’s Garden in EK Royal this year at Pennsic.  The Queen’s Garden consists of the grassy area under the shade trees, bordered by magnificent Tyger walls and supplied with benches for taking your ease.  What it does not currently include is plants and your Steward has a “brown thumb”.  In order to give a more garden-like feel to the area, groups are welcome to contribute a small garden plot should they feel so inclined.  The conditions are as follows:
-You are limited to 4 square feet – 24” by 24”.
-All plants must be in containers (we do not have permission from the Coopers to plant anything directly).
-Your plot should include a way to identify the group that provided it, either heraldically or via a small sign.
-Setup may begin on Wednesday, August 1st.

-Plots will be marked out in advance and are first-come-first-served.

-Plots must be cleared by 7pm on August 10th.

The plants will be watered throughout the war by the Tyger’s Cubs residing in the staff residence, and anyone else who would like to help.
If your group is interested I would appreciate a note or a comment to give me an idea of how many plots I ought to stake out.
In Service,
Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick

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Progress Update 6/14/18

Complete: Windwall posts, Windwall portable holes, Interior Windwalls

In Progress: polyurethaning bench tops (remainder of benches complete)

Beginning: construction of State Kitchen sinks, construction of storage racks in trailer

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4/14 Benchmaking party delayed

The benchmaking party scheduled for 4/14 is delayed pending actual spring.  Can’t stain/poly benches until it’s reliably above 50 degrees.


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Progress update

We had a very productive work party on April 8th for the EK Royal improvement projects.  Cheryl Grieco, Leslie Birt, Dee van Eyck, Jeanne McCarron, Matt Cross and I worked on benches while Katelin Pratt finished painting tent dags. Silver Scorpion and Barren Sands are done. Caer Adamant now has properly yellow laurel wreaths. The 3 burner kitchen stove donated by Christiana Sunshine-Longway also arrived, so we have TWO large Camp Chef stoves for the kitchen. Not only will that make large royal functions easier to cook, but that means a cooking class in the State Kitchen could have 6 students working at once!

-Eleanor fitzPatrick, Pennsic Steward


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Bench work parties 4/8 and 4/14

The next EK Royal project work parties are set for April 8th and April 14th, in Mason NH. We’ll start on cutting and sanding parts for the dozen benches in the Queen’s Garden on the 8th at 9am and continue on the 14th if necessary. No woodworking experience required; if you can follow directions we can use your help.

We’re just an hour north of Worcester, MA – if you’re staying in the area for Coronation anyway come on over and work on benches for a few hours before heading home! It’ll be fun – just ask the dag painting crew!

Email Eleanor at for directions and details.

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Gate Pavilion Work Party 2

Gate Pavilion Work Day 2 was a resounding success! The painters, Reidan Fredstrom, Diane Dooley, Karen Tatro, Katelin Pratt, Christine Schlupf and Patricia Cross finished the following dags:

Shire of Blak Rose, Northern Army, Shire of Caer Adamant, Shire of Coil Tuar, House Grog, Canton of Whyte Whey, Shire of Buckland Cross, House Silverwing, Shire of Hadchester, Shire of Montevale and House Thanet.

The previously completed dags were:

Stormguard, House Three Skulls, Shire of Midland Vale, Riding of Giggleswick, Riding of Ravensbridge, House Fulton, House Strangewayes, Shire of Quintavia, and Shire of Owlsherst.

This completes the gate pavilion, except for House Silver Scorpion who gets an extension on their art submission due to being super busy as King & Queen.


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Welcome from the Pennsic Major-domo!

Welcome to the virtual home of the Pennsic Major-domo office. If you are interested in reserving a time to use any of the spaces in the East Kingdom Royal Encampment or the East’s Battlefield Tent, please email me to discuss availability and scheduling. I look forward to working with you.

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Upcoming Work Parties

March 11th: painting dags on the Gate Pavilion (Mason, NH)

April 14/15 (tentative): making benches for the Garden (Mason, NH)

May/June: build shelves/racks in storage trailer (Mason, NH)