Gate Pavilion Work Day 2 was a resounding success! The painters, Reidan Fredstrom, Diane Dooley, Karen Tatro, Katelin Pratt, Christine Schlupf and Patricia Cross finished the following dags:

Shire of Blak Rose, Northern Army, Shire of Caer Adamant, Shire of Coil Tuar, House Grog, Canton of Whyte Whey, Shire of Buckland Cross, House Silverwing, Shire of Hadchester, Shire of Montevale and House Thanet.

The previously completed dags were:

Stormguard, House Three Skulls, Shire of Midland Vale, Riding of Giggleswick, Riding of Ravensbridge, House Fulton, House Strangewayes, Shire of Quintavia, and Shire of Owlsherst.

This completes the gate pavilion, except for House Silver Scorpion who gets an extension on their art submission due to being super busy as King & Queen.