To all Baronies, Provinces, Shires, Cantons, Ridings, Strongholds, Households and other subjects of the East Kingdom, greetings from the Pennsic Steward!
You are cordially invited to participate in the decoration of the Queen’s Garden in EK Royal this year at Pennsic.  The Queen’s Garden consists of the grassy area under the shade trees, bordered by magnificent Tyger walls and supplied with benches for taking your ease.  What it does not currently include is plants and your Steward has a “brown thumb”.  In order to give a more garden-like feel to the area, groups are welcome to contribute a small garden plot should they feel so inclined.  The conditions are as follows:
-You are limited to 4 square feet – 24” by 24”.
-All plants must be in containers (we do not have permission from the Coopers to plant anything directly).
-Your plot should include a way to identify the group that provided it, either heraldically or via a small sign.
-Setup may begin on Wednesday, August 1st.

-Plots will be marked out in advance and are first-come-first-served.

-Plots must be cleared by 7pm on August 10th.

The plants will be watered throughout the war by the Tyger’s Cubs residing in the staff residence, and anyone else who would like to help.
If your group is interested I would appreciate a note or a comment to give me an idea of how many plots I ought to stake out.
In Service,
Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick